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Let Us Focus On The Bookkeeping And Serve As Your CFO
So You Can Focus On What You Do Best!

We have seen many owners make way less than they should and limit their businesses ultimate value by failing to have the right financial controls and processes in place.

Whether your goals is to run your businesses for the next 100 years or its to sell and transition into your next phase in the next year, its important to put the right controls and processes in place to maximize your cash flow and valuation



What Can Vigor Financial Do For You?


  • Setup
  • Clean-up
  • Clear and accurate financial reporting
  • Monthly bank reconciliations
  • Transaction review
  • Assisted accounts payable (additional fee)


  • Strategic Planning
  • Short term and long term budgeting
  • KPI’s
  • Analyze and review investment and growth opportunities
  • Model denovo growth
  • Review acquisition opportunities
  • Cash flow cycle analysis
  • Create and implement financial process
  • Optimize debt structure
  • Manage financial covenant compliance
  • Manage relationships with professional partners (CPA, Banker and more)


  • Receive the best value when you combine VigorBooks and VigorCFO
  • Includes all services offered with VigorBooks
  • Includes all Services Offered with VigorCFO
  • Dedicated support team
  • Quarterly onsite strategy meeting

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Meet The Founder

Kevin Arnold is a Senior Business and Financial Strategist with experience in providing C-Level management with expertise in mergers and acquisitions, financial leadership, financial modeling, project management, credit underwriting, internal financial reporting, monthly financial analysis and pro forma reporting. His has demonstrated abilities as a presenter, master communicator, team builder, recruiter, developer, motivator, and mentor to high-performing staff. Consistently ranked as a top performer, with a track record of strategic thinking, detailed planning, innovation and execution, talk to Kevin today for your financial solutions.


Kevin Arnold

I have had the pleasure of having Kevin as our rapidly growing company’s fractional CFO for the past 2 years. He has ushered us through several acquisitions, partner buy-ins, and partner buyouts. He has been instrumental in creating KPI’s to gauge our business, establish budgets, produce a monthly dashboard, and organize our finances to give us a real time pulse on the business. Kevin’s experience in banking has facilitated the securing of several sizable loans to fuel our growth, and his guidance has always been timely and strategically sound. He has done an excellent job in managing our finance department and optimizing our team. He is an integral part of our leadership team, and his skills are indispensable. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking to optimize their company financially.

Nader Moavenian, DDS
CEO and Founder


Frequently Asked

1. How are Vigor Financial Dental CFO services different from a CPA?

Vigor is not a tax accountant or CPA, we partner with CPAs to increase the financial expertise in the business.  CPA’s in the dental industry are generally tax experts, whereas Vigor is a financial expert.  Where CPA’s focus on estimated taxes, annual tax returns and other required filings, Vigor focuses on cash flow, growth planning, budgeting and aligning financial strategies with operational realities.  We think strategically and solve problems in the business.  Vigor has experience in finance, accounting, operations, commercial lending and M&A and use that experience to put businesses in the best possible position.  A CPA’s main goal is to file your taxes, Vigor’s goal is to maximize the business.

2. How can Vigor Financial help me achieve maximum value in my dental practice?

Presenting good quality financial statements in a timely manner to stakeholders, banks and potential investors/buyers puts your dental business in the best place to achieve maximum value. Unfortunately, many offices present financials that are in disarray to the bank or their broker. This puts those businesses in a bad position and the value of their business has been negatively impacted. With Vigor managing the finances, this will not happen. Financials are timely, accurate and present the business in the best possible light.

3. Minimizing taxable income vs maximum value?

Let’s talk about leaving value on the table.  Minimizing taxable income, may also mean reducing the business value or reducing its ability to borrow money.  A CPA’s job is to minimize taxable income, and while I see the importance in this, I also recognize that it must be balanced and implemented appropriately so that you don’t hurt the long term value of your business or its ability to borrow.  Getting updated financials on a quarterly basis is not frequent enough to make good financial decisions for your dental practice.

4. What does a virtual CFO do for my dental practice?

Fractional CFO stands for fractional chief financial officer. A fractional CFO is an outsourced service provider offering high-skill assistance in the financial requirements of an organization ranging from budgeting, forecasting, strategy and managing finance and accounting related processes, just like a chief financial officer does for large organizations. Many dental businesses cannot afford a full time CFO. This is ok, because most of these businesses do not need this assistance full time and can get everything their businesses need with a fractional resource.

5. What are the signs that it’s time to hire a virtual CFO for my dental business?

  • You’re Experiencing Rapid Growth
  • Profitability is Unsatisfactory or Declining
  • You’re Entering a New Market
  • You Need to Raise Capital
  • You’re Planning an Acquisition or Merger
  • You’re Running Out of Cash

Vigor Financial Fractional CFO Services

A CFO is a senior member of an organization that is not only responsible for ensuring accurate books and records, but they are also a key strategic partner that helps create and execute the company vision. For a company to reach its peak performance, it must have sound operational and financial management and in todays complex environment, these key pillars must be in sync. At Vigor, we have a deep history of strategic financial and operational experience and are well positioned to help emerging dental groups take their business to the next level. While most emerging groups need a financial executive, they typically cannot afford to invest in a full time CFO that has a depth of experience. Market conditions currently pay CFO’s more than $200,000 annually plus bonus and equity. At Vigor, we want to eliminate this hurdle for emerging groups and provide a pathway to get the leader you need at an affordable price. To accomplish this, we are rolling out Fractional CFO Services. Vigor Fractional CFO services will all your business to get the senior level support it needs to help you hit your peak performance through strategic guidance and implementation of key financial systems.

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